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FAQ Page - Morgan Dubie
FAQ Page - Morgan Dubie

Review From Clients

"Morgan is a very talented, driven and professional individual. She helped us with our website security for our non-profit organization. I highly recommend Morgan's services to anyone looking for help with security."

Jonathan Farnham Business Owner

"Working with Morgan has been great! She is very responsive to our needs and can implement changes promptly. I recommend her services and look forward to working with her on future projects."

Adam Stewart Co-Owner

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It's super easy! Schedule a free consultation with Morgan right here, or by visiting our Bookings page.

    In your 30 min. consultation with Morgan, you'll discuss what you're looking for as far as security concerns go. You'll get a customized quote and a tailored security plan.

    The price of a tailored security solution by Morgan will be determined in your free consultation.

    We accept PayPal payments and all major credit cards.

    Small business owners, entrepreneurs, website owners, parents, individuals, students, and anyone seeking to stay more secure on the internet!

    If you don't want to select a monthly or yearly payment plan, the other alternative is to pay by the hour for Morgan's security consulting.

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