Ultimate Guide to the Best AI Copywriting Software (2022)

Improve your copywriting with AI-powered tools, save time and money, and get help from the best AI copywriting software available today!

AI copywriting tools can create engaging and effective content for any online platform. From eCommerce to social media, AI copywriters are simplifying the process for everyone involved. However, with so many different copywriting tools on the market today, it can be hard to know which one will work best for you. When I wanted something to help me with my content marketing and blogging projects, I spent weeks researching what would make the most sense for me. To save you time finding the perfect AI copywriter that will suit your needs, here is your ultimate guide to the best AI copywriting software available in 2022.

What is AI copywriting software?

To explain it very simply, AI copywriting software is software that helps you write content. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is best known for its advanced natural language processing capabilities (i.e., it can understand your content). This means that AI-powered software can read your content and adapt it to fit a given audience or campaign. AI copywriters can be used for SEO, social media, email campaigns, and other various business and marketing tasks.

How can AI copywriting software help you?

If you’ve ever written a successful ad or landing page and received positive results, then you know how much impact copywriting can have on your business. However, the problem with copywriting is that it can be time-consuming, hard to do consistently, and challenging to do well without lots of practice. Even if you’re an experienced copywriter, it’s still easy to make mistakes or create content that doesn’t convert as well as you’d like.

That’s where AI copywriting software comes into play. AI copywriters help in all areas of marketing and writing because they can help improve your overall process and produce better results.

AI copywriting software helps in the following three ways…

  • Content Creation: Most AI copywriting software is capable of generating content based on your keyword research. This means it will create original and unique content relevant to your business and its audience. This is a great way to increase your website traffic and conversions.
  • Repetitive Tasks: AI copywriting software can help you with repetitive tasks such as writing emails, preparing sales letters, writing blogs and more. You just have to feed the software with some basic information about your business, target audience, and goals. After that, the software will take care of everything else by itself!
  • Saves Time and Money: You can save yourself a lot of money without compromising on quality or effectiveness. Also, since AI copywriters don’t require any salary or benefits (like health insurance or paid vacation), they cost much less than human writers do!
Ultimate Guide to the Best AI Copywriting Software (2022)

Who Should Use AI Copywriting Software?

While marketers with decades of experience may scoff at AI copywriters, it’s only because they don’t know what they’re missing out on! AI copywriting software doesn’t need to replace human copywriters; it can make human copywriters/marketers much better (not to mention faster) at their job. The following are examples of people who will profoundly benefit from using AI copywriting tools:

  • Digital Marketer: brand messaging, marketing copy, video creation, sales funnels, web design, etc.
  • Social Media Managers: social media posts, company bios, comments, comment replies, product descriptions, etc.
  • Agencies: brand messaging, marketing copy, video creation, sales funnels, web design, etc.
  • Students: homework, school assignments, essays, college applications, etc.
  • Copywriters: social media posts, branding, ads, product descriptions, emails, blogs, CTA’s, etc.
  • SEO Professionals: blog SEO, website SEO, meta descriptions, eCommerce SEO, etc.,

Some Features of The Best AI Copywriting Software:

  • Good Interface: An excellent user interface (UI) that’s easy to use, even if you have no technical background. (If it has a steep learning curve or is difficult to navigate, it could be time-consuming and frustrating to work with.)
  • Great Writing Tool: It should include bells and whistles like a spellchecker, thesaurus, and grammar checker. These tools will save you time and make your writing better.
  • SEO Capabilities: AI copywriting software should be able to optimize your content for search engines to increase traffic to your site and improve conversions.
  • Content Templates: Content templates provide you with a starting point for your content. Anything from short-form blog posts to long-form sales copy, these templates help you efficiently plan your content strategy.
  • Content Analysis: A good piece of software will analyze your existing content and provide suggestions for improving it.

#1 Choice for the Best AI Copywriting Software of 2022

[lasso ref=”copyai” id=”469″ link_id=”1422″]


best AI copywriting software - AI Copywriters

Copy AI is an AI copywriting tool that uses machine learning to help you write various types of content, including website content, email copy, Facebook ads, and more. It’s easy to use and more affordable than other AI copywriting tools and its AI is trained on real content to create well-written copy that reads as if a person wrote it.

I’ve chosen Copy AI as my number one choice for the best AI copywriting software because it’s my personal favorite out of the fifteen or so AI copywriters I tested out! Their ready-made templates cover all of my needs and I never have to try over and over to generate realistic and accurate content. The content produced on the first go-around is stellar.

There are multiple subscription plans to choose from, making it perfect for any business size or budget. You can also try Copy AI out for free using its 7-day trial. I highly recommend Copy AI for content marketing professionals, SEO marketers, and website owners who need compelling content that ranks on Google — fast.

What They Have To Say: (from their website)

Copy AI is the world’s first intelligent copywriting robot. It can create high-quality articles in seconds, and it gets better with every article you publish! I’m obsessed with using them for social media marketing, but it’s honestly perfect for bloggers, students, or anyone who needs great content, fast!


  • Over 500,000 marketers use CopyAI
  • Available in 25+ languages
  • 100 free credits when you sign up
  • 90+ tools to explore


  • Free Trial
  • Monthly or Annual Payment Plans Available
  • Various Pricing Tiers to Suit Your Needs
Annual Pricing Payments
Monthly Pricing Payments

Best AI Copywriting Software of 2022

[lasso ref=”jasperai” id=”1735″ link_id=”1310″]
[lasso ref=”anyword” id=”1740″ link_id=”1311″]
[lasso ref=”copysmith” id=”2675″ link_id=”1312″]
[lasso ref=”bertha-2″ id=”2680″ link_id=”1313″]
[lasso ref=”writecream” id=”1700″ link_id=”1314″]
[lasso ref=”writesonic” id=”459″ link_id=”1315″]
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